Roberto Pattoni

Pmoto by OMI

Roberto Pattoni

Pmoto by OMI

Roberto Pattoni

A life dedicated to the construction and management of racing motorcycles.

Today with the technical and logistical support of OMI.

The importance of experience.

Our history

Since 1979 OMI has been deeply engaged in a continuous activity of design, testing and development of engines, mainly aimed at the two-wheeler market.

The importance of skills.

Engines & Vehicles

Prototypes and components to increase performance, in cooperation with selected OMI suppliers.

The importance of ideas.

Technical design

Engineering, prototyping and testing. For us there is no challenge too big or too small.

Start year
Business unit
Three Business Units with specific and synergistic skills:
OMI Network

Young, dynamic, Italian.

The company is formed by engineers and mechanical experts with long specific background in the motorcycle R&D and even senior professionals with more than 20 or 30 years of experience in the same sector.

We are in contact with the best Italian universities from which we select young mechanical engineers to start the profession.

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